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Currently located in Sudbury, Ontario, Vitto Brand Foods Ltd. began in 1978 with a very simple premise: to produce the finest traditional Italian sausages, sauces and meatballs utilizing old world recipes with modern meat preparation methods.

From the early years, Vitto Brand Foods primarily supplied the Cortina Restaurant chain exclusively throughout Northern Ontario. However, unexpected demand from retailers and consumers drawn to the unique flavours of Vitto Brand Foods led the small company to increase production and distribution points throughout Ontario.

Today, over twenty-five years later, Vitto Brand Foods under the ownership of Mr. Ralph Kuhn, has embarked on an accelerated commitment to modernization, efficiencies, strategic acquisitions and expansion of product lines which now include sausages, meatballs, patties, schnitzels, meatloaves, smoked meats and a full line of deli meats. Vitto Brand Foods now delivers over 200 quality products through a national distribution network that includes serving the specialized needs of private label customers from coast to coast. Over twenty years of experience has taught Vitto Brand Foods that quality relationships with clients are built on great taste.

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