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We at Vitto believe that every season is barbecue season. With that in mind we would like to remind everyone of the 10 Commandments of Safe Barbecuing.

  1. Bullet Check all gas connections each and every time you use the barbecue. A propane tank is a potentially highly explosive and combustible device that must be treated with respect.

  2. Bullet Keep a fire extinguisher or box of baking soda handy to extinguish major flare-ups. In case of a major grease fire, immediately shut off the gas supply and leave the lid of barbecue open.

  3. Bullet Always barbecue on a well ventilated level surface away from flammable objects such as overhangs or wooden walls.

  4. Bullet Open the lid before lighting and if the barbecue does not ignite on the first try, wait five minutes for the gas to dissipate before again trying to light.

  5. Bullet Open the gas valve only half a turn to allow for quick shut off. Open the gas valve slowly to prevent sudden freezing and plugging of gas lines and burners.

  6. Bullet Never leave a lit barbecue unattended. Never move a lit barbecue and avoid barbecuing in high traffic areas where people may bump into the hot barbecue.

  7. Bullet Never barbecue wearing loose, long-sleeved shirts which may catch on fire if they contact hot grill surfaces. Use long handled utensils, oven mitts and never lean over the hot grill.

  8. Bullet Do not operate rotisseries in damp or wet weather as they are electrical appliances that, if wet, can cause electrocution.

  9. Bullet If barbecuing using charcoal briquettes, allow at least 48 hours for them to completely cool before properly disposing of them in a metal or fireproof container.

  10. Bullet Plan your barbecue and have all of your food items and utensils ready at hand. A barbecue should be a stress free, relaxing activity that is fun and safe for the whole family.

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