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You automatically collect 10 points on eligible Vitto products, found in your favourite grocery stores. Check out our rewards chart below to see how much you can receive by simply collecting your Points!

Collect Points even faster during our promotional days! Be sure to check our Vitto website regularly at to print our promotional coupons throughout the year. Just simply send in your coupon with your accumulated Points and receive 2X or even 3X the value!

When you have reached your goal reward level, simply mail your Points to us at:

(400 points = approx. 40 purchases

of qualifying products.)

(800 points = approx. 80 purchases

of qualifying products.)

(1200 points = approx.120 purchases of qualifying products.)

(1500 points = approx. 150 purchases of qualifying products.)

We will send you a gift certificate for your favourite grocery store to be used on anything you wish!

CLICK HERE FOR A PRINTABLE PDF FORM:file://localhost/VittoPoints_Redemption_Form-1.pdf

CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-800-668-6300

Collect points to achieve your Vitto fundraising goals!