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“I tried your Honey Garlic sausages in Ottawa last weekend and was impressed as I eat gluten free and while a good sausage should be gluten free, most have bread crumbs as fillers (PC Brand). Yours were very tasty! I looked in Loblaws when I returned to Toronto and could not find your brand. I am beginning to suspect the Independent near my friend's home has a large gluten free clientele as they carry items that stores here do not have.”

Dianne Leblanc

“It looks like the 'Healthy Heart' products are going to be a good idea for a lot of elderly who must watch, more than ever before, what we eat. It's going to be important to have these choices to choose from.”

Mark Fillion

“I bought some of your sausage up in Parry Sound. Thank you for making a great tasting sausage that is low in sodium. I am on a strict low sodium diet and had given up on sausage. I can now eat them guilt free! Can you tell me where I can buy them in Toronto?”

Steve Lavery

I love your pork products. Especially your sausages like the Infernos. They’re the best I have found. I have tried many other brands like Johnsonville & PC, and every other brand on the market. But nothing compares to Vitto.”

Jason Byrnes

Hi. My wife and I live in Thornhill (north end of Toronto) and we have a cottage in Muskoka. Last weekend we stopped for some groceries in Gravenhurst at a Independent Grocery store and discovered one of your products, "Slab Bacon" I think it was called. We had never seen it before other than in butcher shops or specialty stores. We enjoyed your product”

Craig Gentle

"I have an allergy to most artificial chemicals in food, causing me to have very severe migraines. For many years now, your sausages are the only ones I could eat. Not only are they about the best tasting, but I know I and my family are safe to eat them. Thank you for making a fantastic product, and continuing to do so."

Lorraine Sumpton

"We cook a great stew using VITTO Brand Honey Garlic sausage. We have used this recipe for years. It is so good (in our opinion) that we have it at least 2-3 times per month, particularly since we have discovered VITTO Honey Garlic sausage. Over the years we have tried various sausage but they just don't compare to the VITTO brand."

Barrie Kells

"On behalf of the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association, I would like to thank Vitto Foods for attending our February 7th, 2006 chapter meeting.  It was a pleasure to learn that Vitto Foods and Farm Boy are planning to produce gluten free sausages.  We appreciated your speaking to us and explaining the process of how these foods are manufactured in the Vitto plants.  The samples of sausages were scooped up with amazing speed and the feedback has been very positive.

I hope that we will have a chance to work together again in the future and I would appreciate receiving any information on upcoming gluten free products that Vitto Foods plans on producing."


Sandra Sinclair, President, Ottawa Chapter

Canadian Celiac Association

"Outstanding taste, quality and texture... and they're gluten free!"  

"They're a favourite for me to serve to all my family and friends!"


Katie Gallaway

"Finally, a delicious gluten-free sausage that everyone in my house enjoys and asks for!"


Lisa Patten

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